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Happy Halloween to all my faithful readers and friends. I always loved this song. It makes me thing of two friends of mine who played it for me while we were alone at home. My departed friend Adam Blum, would play it on his bass while I sang the lyrics I knew, and my other departed friend John Jordan, would play it on his guitar and we would sing it together. It will always be one of my favorite songs.


You weren't the first to break my heart...


If you don't love THE CRAMPS then FUCK YOU!

How You Gonna Come?

The next revolution will not be one of ideals. It will be a senseless revolt of the oppressed against the senseless oppression of the oppressors! It will not be an organized event, but instead a natural chain of cause and effect! When faced with certain doom people will do whatever it takes to stay alive, even if only for a few short hours. What else can one do when such is the meaning of life in general? I ask you now to tell me your own truth! Will you stand on the side of the oppressors, or stand by your brothers who want nothing more than the freedom to live their lives?

Photo By David Settino Scott III,

Will you fight for your unjustified comfort, or forgo your own pleasure to fight for the weak and the helpless? Will you take a stand with the establishment, or protect the humanity that is found in chaos? I have made my decision and will stand by it to the death. I would rather die fighting for my own humanity than accept the slow and painful death that our society has engineered for the masses.

How To Wake People Up

"You might think it strange if you saw the dead awaken, but any fool can do it with a skillet and some bacon."

I don't know who said it first, but I have found there is a lot of truth to that quote.